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Yep, an up-side-down floating coffee bean carrying the world's first coffee roasting lighthouse island

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Påskekaffe (Easter)


Sommerkaffe (Summer)

Julekaffe (Christmas)

An all-round tasting coffee primarily based on high-caffein Robusta beans

Our definition of how a classic tasting coffee should be.

For your cafe latte, cappuccino, ...

Impeccably sourced dark roast, balanced, sweet, spicy chocolate with a light floral scent.

Nutty, sweet, low-acid and exceptional bittersweet and chocolate roast taste.

Deep, spice and wine or chocolate-like taste and floral aroma.

Nice fruity sweetness and pleasant acidity. Long aftertaste with hints of red clover and honey.

Powerful aroma and good character. Hints of nuts in both smell and taste. Very low acidity.

Balanced, fruity, lovely taste of grape fruit. High acid.

Moderate acid balance and tangy taste.

Rich. Taste of dried fruit. Long finish.

Taste of tropical fruits, cherries and burnt sugar.

Gild your Easter with a golden cup of coffee.

A special tasting coffee for a special Norwegian day.

To be enjoyed under the sun.

Refine your Christmas with a dark tasting coffee.

Torungen Kaffe is a nimble, dedicated and enthusiastic coffee roasting company located in Arendal, Norway. We import and roast coffee in a unique and harmonic atmosphere - the lighthouse island Store Torungen - for coffee lovers and bon vivants.
Our story did not begin with roasting coffee. It started with the green coffee beans in 2010. We used to work for the environmental branch of the United Nations system, UNEP and its local office based in Norway. In our free time, we visited coffee growers and farms in Kenya. There, we learned that the coffee producer is usually left with a very small share of the value chain in terms of finances. Coffee is the biggest commodity after oil in the world and is therefore a good starting point for raising awareness of the individual.

Our coffee trading concept is called "Transparency Trade" which takes take Fairtrade a level further in the sense that the end consumer can be in direct contact with the individual farmer or cooperative. We also have programs that help coffee growers increase the quality and ensure coffee is grown ecologically possible.

We roast coffee to give people a better understanding of how important the choices one makes in everyday life can be. We do not moralize and wish to arm people with information and real options. Where does your coffee come from and is it really coffee? When was the last time you asked yourself that question?

We support the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), in particular to fight poverty, by building capacity at the local level. In addition, we provide capacity development programmes for management of natural resources and the establishment of decentralized renewable energy systems.

Our business model demonstrates simple approaches to implement Payment for Ecosystem Service (PES) that benefits communities.

We have chosen to offset the transportation of coffee by planting new coffee trees together with our coffee producers.

From 2013, we entered national roasting competitions and have been awarded to be among top three in the Nordic countries.


First, we love coffee. Second, we believe you do too.


We work closely with our partners and coffee growers to ensure sustainability, transparency and empowerment of local communities. Capacity building at its best practice.


Coffee exposed and Corporate Social Networking. We call it Transparency Trade. We communicate where our coffee originates from through social media. We and our coffee growers would love to hear from you so please get in touch.


We strive to create coffee experiences that are engaging, which link back to our coffee growers and to ensure they receive the attention and finances they deserve.


We bring energy and commitment to our work. Every single day enables us to tell great stories that matter. That is all kinds of awesome.


We use Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo as online diaries for our roasting sessions, adventures to coffee growing countries, media and other noteworthy bits we find interesting.

Where to enjoy and buy our coffee? Visit our ambassadors.

Some really awesome and helpful people. Thanks!

Our sport teams get the kick out from our coffee.

Our Transparency Trade

Kiarago Estate

As customer of Torungen Kaffe (Coffea Circulor) you are part of our Transparency Trade initiative. Together with four brothers and their families, living close to Mount Kenya, we support Kiarago Estate financially through a business partnership. Our coordinator Mate Munene in Africa is ensuring we all benefit from this cooperation. The owners of the estate can be contacted at

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